Little bees worked hard for the apple trees.
March 5, 2017
ACT for Bees @ Weston Community Orchard
August 3, 2017
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Native Bee and Pollinator Workshop

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A fascinating day with Megan Halcroft learning about the importance of pollinators, plant and bee co-evolution, the role of honeybees in food security, the pollinator crisis  (not just honeybees)and a good look at Australia’s amazing range of native bees. Plus having a fun afternoon building a good range of Bee Hotels.  It’s going to take quite a lot of study to get good at Native Bee ID however when it warms up we will all be ‘on the look out’ for male Blue Banded Bees hanging around on grass stalks at the end of a big day chasing the girls!

No native bees around us at the moment with -6 degrees at night, but the new bee hotel is waiting for residents and I think it will be needed as we had so many Leafcutter Bees and Resin Bees last year in our garden, the population is happily thriving. If your garden had quite a few native bees, then make sure there is more room for them to nest this season and add some more rooms to your Bee Hotel or install another one.

Megan has pioneered Australian Pollinator Week so look out for events near you November 12-19th 2017.

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