Love Food? Love Bees

Small and vital bees
work together for the
good of the whole ecosystem

Let’s join them

Bee Friendly Australia!


Bees pollinate a whopping TWO THIRDS of our food production.

Most of the Fruit, Nuts, Vegetables, Seeds, and Livestock feed is dependant on the existence of Bees.


They are more vulnerable to disease and pests through the overuse of pesticides, herbicides, and modern agricultural practices.
Human activity is reducing the habitat and food sources.

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Find Out What You Can Do!

Otganic Food

Organic Food Suppliers

Safe for Bees & Healthy for You!
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Gardening For Bees

Bring Bees into your Garden and practice Bee Safe gardening.
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‘Love Food? Love Bees!’ Free Curriculums for Early Learning, Middle Primary and High School.

The Australian Curriculum aligned curriculums ‘Love Food? Love Bees!’ for Early Childhood, Year 5/ 6 and High School units explore the importance of bees and enables students to take real and bee-friendly action in their community. Each lesson contains hands-on activities, tips, content information, assessment ideas, engaging videos and a range of other tools that support teachers to navigate this unit.
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Australian Bees

We can all help our Aussie Bees too!
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Great educational stories and films for people of all ages.
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Natural Beekeeping

Improve the wellbeing of your local Bees by becoming a Backyard Beekeeper.
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Some easy ways you can help…

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Plant ‘bee friendly’ plants in clumps in your garden and let the vegetables flower. Bees love lavender, rosemary, sage, thyme, perennial basil and borage flowers.

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Use no pesticides or herbicides in your garden. For ‘bee friendly’ pest management try companion planting.

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‘Ask before you buy’ if plants have been treated with pesticides toxic to bees.

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Buy local honey

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Create ‘Bee Friendly’ Garden signs for your front garden to advertise what a ‘Bee Friendly’ garden is.

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Put stones in bird baths to stop bees drowning

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Buy organically and biodynamic produce which has been locally and sustainably grown.

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