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February 15, 2018
Lots of busy bees @ ACT Beekeepers Field Day
March 23, 2018
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Looking for native bees’ B&B options?

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Time to start saving the cuttings from summer  for native bee B&B’s. Bamboo is an easy option cut into 15 cm lengths and the spent raspberry canes, lantana, grape vine cuttings, agapanthus stems, garlic flower stems and and pithy stems can also be used. Peter Abbott gave a very informative guide to native bees yesterday at the SEE-Change event along with a beautiful show of bee hotels he’s made over the years. Apparently the length of the bamboo is ideally at least 15 cm as some bees will only lay female eggs if the stems are too short. According to Green Tree Naturopathy, make sure the hotel has a backing to protect the nest from heavy rain. We’ve also just drilled holes in hardwood rounds and placed them in different locations around the garden.


 We’ve just received news from Kit Prendergast about all the wonderful projects associated with ‘Bee Hotels for Australian Bees’ booklet.  There is  Bee Hotels Facebook page and a link to a Bee hotel citizen science monitoring project.   If you would like to purchase a booklet, please email

More information in the Australian native bees section of ACT for Bees website.


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