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Maximising Biodiversity By Supporting Pollinators Event

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Dear ACT for Bees community

We acknowledge the impact of fires and drought across Australia on widespread communities and the lives lost this Summer. Many native forests have been burnt that are vital for the health and wellbeing of native bees, European Honey bees and pollinators of many species that are crucial for biodiversity and healthy ecosystems. Much has been written about the sheer scale of loss of hundreds of millions of animals and the possibility that some species will now face extinction. It is now even more important for us to plant for and maintain our bee friendly gardens to protect our bees, butterflies, birds and local wildlife.

We also wish to acknowledge the extraordinary courage and resilience of those on the front lines who have worked to protect communities from the fires for such extended periods of time and in the face of extreme fire danger. We also want to acknowledge the communities who have come together to take care of each other, to feed and house those who have lost their homes, their livelihood and sense of place.

Record breaking drought and heat are making bushfire conditions even more catastrophic. This is climate damage and it is time to act now for climate action.

ACT for Bees, Landcare ACT and Australian National Botanic Gardens Friends have been planning an event ‘Bees, Butterflies, Birds: Maximising Biodiversity by Supporting Pollinators’ for Saturday 22nd February 2020 9 am -12.30 pm.

We will be videoing the event and it will be on Bees, Butterflies, Birds: Maximising Biodiversity by Supporting Pollinators page as we’ve had so much interest and only limited spaces available. This will help to spread the word!

There is a great initiative ‘Water our Wildlife Canberra’ , a community effort to provide water for our thirsty wildlife. The purpose of the group is to encourage people to put tubs of water out in nature reserves etc. and to have people help fill up the tubs!

The Conversation article highlights the issue of pollinators Bushfires: can ecosystems recover from such dramatic losses of biodiversity?
The Wheen Bee Foundation has a good article about threatened ‘Green Carpenter Bee Conservation project on Kangaroo Island.

Around Australia Demand Films are showing ‘How to Bee’. In Canberra it’s being shown in Manuka Wed, Feb 12, 2020 6:30PM.

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