What can we do for the bees?

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“We cannot just go on taking but must start to nurture and protect the fragile tissue of connections which sustain life. A large proportion of our crops are pollinated by apis mellifera, and if the current level of bee disease and colony loss continue, we could lose not only honey and beeswax but most vegetables, beans and fruit, not to mention herbs, cotton and a huge number of medicinal plants. Loss of honey bee and the thousands of wild bee species would also have devastating effect on birds and small mammals due to extinction of wild plants and seeds, roots, leaves, flowers and fruits many small creatures depend on. This in turn would clearly have a major impact on larger, predatory mammals. The whole natural chain we take for granted is therefore dependant on a small, humming lynch pin. But the positive aspect of this awareness, this moment of awakening is a new sense of connection. Suddenly we see that what we do for the bee’s sake, we do for our sake too.. Perhaps that realisation-simply a new awareness of interdependency-is the first vital thing we can do for the bee.”

– Matthew Barton

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