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Anna Lappé explains why sustainable methods of farming, as opposed to industrial farming, are necessary to feed the growing world population long-term.
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Biodynamics is a style of farming that emphasizes the relationships among all aspects of a farm, including the people. It looks at the whole rather than the parts, and an effort is made to build a farm’s resiliency from the inside out.


Canberra Organic Growers Society (COGS)

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Canberra City Farm

establishing learning hubs where the community can creatively share knowledge and experience of socially, economically and environmentally responsible food production and sustainable living.
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Cityfood Growers

has a great website and resources on biodynamics and organic growing based in Samford Valley just north of Brisbane Queensland.
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Biodynamic Agriculture Australia

supplies biodynamic preparations, Newsleaf Journal, Astro Calendar Planting guide and does workshops and field days. Milkwood Permaculture has a great range of courses including Natural Beekeeping courses
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Costa’s World

Gardening Australia has a wonderful range of resources about gardening. Costa Georgiadis is passionate about gardening organically with kids. Check it out.
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Milkwood Permaculture Farm

A good range of courses on Permaculture and also natural beekeeping
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