“One of the biggest differences that is seen time and time again across all research between organic and conventional farming practices is the effect on the land. Organic farming works to increase sustainability, biodiversity and to encourage good soil and air quality. This is maintained by natural growing practices, the avoidance of harmful chemicals, and the continued practice of crop rotation and other natural farming methods.” Fresh Connect

Australian Organic Food Directory A comprehensive list of places to access organic food.

The Food Co-op Canberra: We are Canberra’s Food Co-op, a community-run organisation that provides food for people, not for profit. We’re the longest running food co-op on the lands known as Australia! Our passion is providing low-waste, affordable, locally-sourced, fair trade, organic and sustainable products to the community. All in an environment that fosters participation, cooperation, diversity and fun! Members own the co-op, share in the benefits of being part of a co-operative, and have the opportunity to work to contribute to its daily functioning.  The Co-op is managed with consensus-based decision making and all members are invited to participate.

SCPA – South East Producers is a not-for-profit incorporated association based in the south east of NSW, Australia. Our members’ farms, small holdings and backyard gardens yield a range of products including organic fruits and vegetables, poultry and eggs, native flowers, honey, beef, meat rabbits, goats and more. Other members produce tools and implements, processed foods, and crafts, or provide services that increase local self-reliance.

Chemical-free and Organic fruit and vegetable directory List of a range of market gardens that sell direct, or through independent stores. They grow a wide range of plants using biological principles, to encourage beneficial micro-organisms in the soil, which in turn, creates healthy plants. They harvest in the morning or the day before so the produce is fresh, and lasts longer. Better still, it’s delicious!

Organic Seeds, Seedlings and garden products Suppliers Australia

Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Ltd (a not-for-profit organisation) fosters, safeguards and restores the natural environment of our soils through the development and promotion of the biodynamic method. Biodynamic practices continuously renew and replenish soil micro-organisms creating a resilient and healthy ecosystem enabling nutrient rich produce on farms and gardens throughout Australia.

Canberra City Farm: Propagation Plant list: gives details of when the seeds were planted, when they were transplanted to pots and whether they are ready for sale, and what size they are. Please only order ones that are currently for sale – and indicate how many of each one that you order on the order form. The other information is to allow you to plan later purchases, as they become available. This can also help you spread out your plantings to cover a broader season. If you have any questions, please contact

Canberra Seed Savers Cooperative  Growing, sharing, cooperating to build a living seed bank for our community including education and outreach activities to connect with the local community and learn skills and knowledge and the love of seeds and seed saving.

The Lost Seed is an Australian-owned family business established in 2002.   We are driven by a passion to support the ongoing availability of a wide variety of reliable old rare heirloom vegetables & herbs, in the most natural way possible.   All of our seed is Non-GM, Non-Hybrid, Open-Pollinated & most importantly, Germination-Tested.

Green Harvest:A comprehensive Australian source of organic gardening supplies. We want to encourage the growing of food within our communities, our schools and our gardens.

Greenpatch Organic Seeds and Plants

Diggers Club: Has a selection of organic seeds

EDEN Seeds and Select Organic

All Rare Herbs specialises in the rare, unusual and hard to find herbs and plants. We provide a diverse range of culinary, medicinal and ceremonial species.Herbs are offered as plants in pots, bare rooted plants, dormant roots and seed as well as processed dried herb material and teas. Bio-Dynamic and organic practices are utilised in our nursery and on our farm.

Chookhaus Nursery  We source our seeds from reputable Australian suppliers, sow them individually in eco-friendly coir pellets, let them grow without chemicals or pesticides, and then send them home with you in 100% recyclable or biodegradable non-plastic packaging. Plus, when your harvest is done, you can save some seeds for next year!

CERES Permaculture and Bushfood Nursery Melbourne. Planting a beautiful, healthy and productive garden filled with food is one of the most creative and peaceful ways to sustain individual and planetary health.

One Organic are a certified Organic Seedling Nursery based in Byron Bay New South Wales. Our seedlings are grown from open pollinated non hybrid non treated seed. We specialise in vegetable, herbs and medicinal flowers. Aside from seedlings One Organic also grow Bio-Dynamic veggies and medicinal plants on a 45 acre farm in the hills above Byron Bay using Japanese and Korean Fermentation techniques.