‘Love Food? Love Bees!’ Yr 5&6 Integrated Unit

Create a BUZZ in your classroom with this new unit!

While it is well known that bees produce honey, many other food sources also rely on bees. Conservative figures show that bees pollinate at least ONE mouthful in every THREE that we eat! Bees around the world, including in Australia, are in serious trouble. Overuse of pesticides and herbicides make bees more vulnerable to disease and pests. Modern agricultural practices and urbanisation are greatly reducing bee habitat and food sources. Scientists are seeing a large decline in bee populations worldwide. This poses a threat not only for our food production but our environment as a whole, as flowering plants rely on pollinators to survive. The good news is we can all do things to help ensure the survival of bees!


 Bee-on-zucchini-flower1-275x240The Australian Curriculum aligned “Love Food? Love Bees!” Year 5 & 6 integrated unit explores the importance of bees and enables students to take real and bee-friendly action in their community.

Each lesson contains hands-on activities, tips, content information, assessment ideas, engaging videos and a range of other tools that support teachers to navigate this unit. There is also a digital library that has a load of fun and entertaining bee information. Have a look at the  Cool Australia Toolbox  too. 

We are so excited to release this incredible unit just in time for Spring!

There is also a great range of resources in the Cool Australia Toolbox  to use in the classroom too.

Download and print our new ‘How to create a Bee Friendly Garden‘ flyer. It has lots of great simple ideas on how to be ‘Bee Friendly!