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The ‘Global Hive ‘ is 70cm hand felted globe of ‘honeycomb’ representing how bees around the world are crucial for our food supply. We’re working to represent the huge range of flowers, fruit and vegetables that we depend on for our everyday needs. The project will also have curriculum materials which can be used in schools.

Bees are a vital link in the complex web of life. Lack of a good variety of food which has not been treated with pesticides or herbicides has been a major stress on bees immune system & navigation system. Bees are dying at an alarming rate and our survival depends on their thriving. We can all make a difference to bee health in our gardens, schools and local communities.

This is a ‘world wide’ community project and if you would like to contribute a bee, flower, fruit or vegetable please contact me for details. Your support will be very much appreciated!!!

Julie Armstrong

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