Australian National Botanic Gardens Native Bee cheat sheet

Peter Abbott has created this easy to use ID for commonly found native bees in Canberra
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Investigating native bees: Yr 5/6 Australian curriculum aligned units focussing on Australian native bees

Students develop an understanding of the importance of native bees and propose actions to protect them. They begin by working collaboratively to undertake secondary research in order to create a class library about native bees. They then undertake primary research by completing a native bee survey at their school. Based on the results of their primary and secondary research, students propose actions to protect native bees at their school and produce a communication piece to share their ideas with the school community.
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Aussie Bee

Lots of information on native bees including main species found in different locations.
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Bees Business

Great guides for landholders and gardeners on planting for native bees by Landcare in the Information section . https://www.beesbusiness.com.au/articles/Choosing_plants_to_attract_native_bees.pdf
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Australian Pollinator Week

Get involved in community events near you. There are a wide range of online events for this week. Tune in now!
6 – 14th November 2021
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Planting & Creating Habitat to Attract Bees

Great resource from Valley Bees community in Nth NSW with lots of ideas for bee hotels as well as the plants that flower in different seasons.
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Building Bee Hotels- Excellent guide p 18 Planting and Creating Habitat to Attract Bees

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Bee Hotels for Australian Native Bees

‘Bee Hotels for Australian Bees’ is a booklet produced by Kit Prendergast (aka the Bee Babette). This 64 pg booklet provides information on bee hotel designs and cavity-nesting native bees, as well as a section on favourite native bee flora. Profiles of common species that inhabit bee hotels, with a focus on WA bees, is also covered. Booklets are $30 each (+ postage). This book is also available as an ebook for $18.
To order a copy please email Kit at: kit.prendergast@postgrad.curtin.edu.au
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